Est. 1886

'By Truth to Charity'

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"If it was my work, it would perish. But it is God's work and it will live"

Blessed Mary of the Passion

Today, the 9th of March 2021 marks the 135th Anniversary (1886-2021) of our beloved Alma Mater, "Convent of Our Lady of Victories, Moratuwa". We thank and praise the Good Lord for His many blessings showered upon us along the way.



To mould honest methodical, knowledgeable citizens who are conscious of the needs of the environment and promote spiritual and human values.


To uplift the standard of the school as an efficient and productive institution in order to mould citizens with basic competencies, to be methodical, sensitive towards the environment and to nurture with Christian values by the exemplary life of Blessed Mother Mary.

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Principal's Message

Rev. Sr. Chamila Fernando

The Convent of Our Lady of Victories was founded on 9th March, 1886 at the request of the parishioners of Moratuwa who had obtained the intervention of then the Archbishop of Colombo Mgr. Bonjean who had directly approached the foundress of the congregation of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary; who sent 8 sisters from Europe. They started the school with 9 students and two teachers. At present there are 2,200 students and 115 teachers out of whom 50% are past pupils of the school.

The charism of our Congregation is spelt out in five aspects namely -Adorers, Missionaries, Franciscan, Marian and Victims. As Missionaries sisters are sent to those who do not know Christ, and preferably to the poorest. Keeping the spirit of their charism, the objective of our school is to give the students a deep spiritual formation highlighting the school Motto-“BY TRUTH TO CHARITY”. Efforts are being made to build a different and better world more Human and Peaceful. With this in view , the school continues to uplift the values in students to mould them in a strong religious environment to be builders of a God fearing society, inculcating the positive attitudes of peace and solidarity with the poor and the needy which is a necessity today.

In the school special attention is given to religious formation through daily prayers, the liturgy of the Eucharist, the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the preparation for the first Holy Communion and the sacrament of Confirmation.

The main aim of the school is to give the students a deep spiritual formation ; it also encourages students to participate in sports and other extracurricular activities and win awards at National and International level competitions .

It is a great responsibility to educate the young in a rapidly changing society integrated with Science & Technology. Students face many challenges in the society; therefore the school tries to keep abreast with changes and help them to face challenges while inculcating treasured Christian values in them.

In order to ensure smooth functioning of academic and development activities and to manage day to day functions the staff is designed as Deputy Principal, Vice Principals, sectional heads, and subject coordinators. All the teachers are dedicated and well qualified with a wide range of experience. The teachers participate in seminars and workshops to enhance their knowledge. All the teachers work with compassion and commitment towards the school.

We try to create an environment where students will be able to realize their dreams and aspirations and become good citizens of Sri Lanka.

Where we are

Location : Uswatta Circular Road, Moratuwa. Sri Lanka.

Phone : 0112649340 / 0772484849

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